All business actions that are unrelated to the daily routine are projects.

The creation of a new product, the construction of a building, the purchase and installation of new equipment, the change in the way a company operates, the improvement of a company's processes, and many more, are projects that have a beginning and an end. They are, projects. Once completed, they fit into the everyday professional routine, called operations!

A project consists of 5 basic stages: (1) the innitiaiton or otherwise the conception of the idea, (2) planning, (3) implementation, (4) monitoring and (5) completion.

These stages manage 3 basic parameters: (1) the cost, (2) the implementation time, and (3) the scope of the project.

And these parameters are what determine the quality of the result!

Delivery of the projects on time, within budget and according to the agreed specifications, is a complex and demanding process that requires knowledge of tools and experience of the application object.


VioTech offers project management services based on the PMI® and ISO 21500: 2012 processes and independent engineering services.


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